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Kim Murder plan to the Korea hand ..!


A major cyber attack by North Korea last year has come to light. It is now creating tremors in the world. Korea has captured the key secrets of South Korea. The ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, in its story, also includes ‘Kim Murder Plan’. Apart from this, South Korean warships blueprints picked up in North Korea. Korea has over 40,000 documents from the world’s largest shuttle company Daewoo Ship Building and Marian Engineering. There are also the most important 60 papers.

North Korea hacked the sophisticated technology that has been invented by South Korea’s key vital shipbuilding technologies, blueprints, weapons systems, ships and submarines. The plan also includes a plan to launch a counter attack with the North Korean missiles.

Kim murder scheme too ..!

The US-South Korean plan to extort North Korean head Kim Jong Un is also available in documents that were obtained by hack. A South Korean leader last month revealed this. The leader claimed that North Korea hackers had also stolen their military plans. There is also a Kim for laying scheme. On the other hand, North Korea hackers were allegedly attacked by Britain’s National Health System.

Condemned by U.Koria
North Korea denies these hacking allegations. Cyber ​​crime claims that they have no connection. The Korean Central News Agency reported.

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