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First Lady visits Beijing special centre for vulnerable women, children

After an extensive tour of the wellness centre, the First Lady said the institution’s unique work towards the protection and empowerment of women and children needs to be replicated elsewhere in the world. The First Lady is in China accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta who is attending the Belt and Roads Forum for International Cooperation. The six-year old Beijing wellness Centre …

Women Judges to Dominate Colombia War Tribunals

Women will make up more than half of all judges in Colombia’s war tribunals, a historic move that gives women an equal say in building peace after half a century of war. Under a peace deal signed last year between the government and rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), war tribunals will seek to prosecute those responsible …

Woman becomes US Navy’s first female SEAL candidate

The US Navy has revealed it has its first two female candidates for special operations posts previously unavailable for women, including one who could become its first female Navy SEAL. One of the candidates is seeking to become a special warfare combatant crewman, while the second is seeking to become an officer with the SEALs. Neither of the candidates has …

How Madhuri Hegde is helping companies succeed in global markets

After completing her masters in France and studying various languages such as Japanese, German, and Spanish, Madhuri wanted to explore more languages and experience things that she had only seen through books. “You get a peek into somebody else’s life through a language. We get to see how different we are from other people and that is very fascinating,” she …

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