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China is Aggressive


India is a major agricultural country. In the industrial sphere, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Made in India’ program has been providing good results. India is also playing a role in the global industry. The digital field is climbed at unprecedented speed. India is focused on the latest international market. On the other hand, the China ‘Obor’ (one belt-on-road) project, which is the leading provider of products, has been pushing the trade expansion in Asia, Africa and Europe. World economists are predicting that in the coming days, many of Asia and Africa will be industrially developed.

The ‘Obor’ scheme aims to capture militarily militarily in the Indian Ocean rather than commercially. Navodaya centers will be set up in India in the name of Muthyala Saram. This strategy is part of a strategy to develop the harbors of those countries and establish a military base in Djibouti, called Africa’s continent. In the name of conservation of merchant ships from Somalia pirates, the number of its warships in the Indian Ocean gradually increases. And the South China Sea is all about advertising. India and Japan, looking at the Chinese aggression, have set new routes in the name of Asia-Africa Growth Corridor (AACC).

New strength to Africa

There are many features in the AAGC scheme compared to China Belt and Road. While China is all in the framework of Obor, AAJC has been given the right place for African countries. The scheme is designed to provide industrial walkways in many countries in Africa without focusing on the economy. In 2015, the fastest economies in Africa were recorded by Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Kenya. Other countries in Africa will be flourishing if they have the right opportunity. The African Development Bank and several African countries welcomed the documentary document on the Asia-Africa growth trajectory. Particularly the India-Japan initiative for the development of basic infrastructure. Bilateral relations between Africa and India and Japan will be the ideal model for the world if growth continues and the trade continues!

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