Herbal Medicine – Covid Treatment by Anandaiah from Nellore A.P,Giving Positive results ,is it a herbal Remdesivir ? Eye drops ?


Nellore: “All roads lead to Rome”…. all covid patients waiting for treatment from Andhra Pradesh, are looking in only one direction, towards “Boniggi Anaandaiah” from Muttukuru village, Krishnapatanam Mandal , Nellore District Andhra Pradesh, for Treatment of COVID is it a herbal remdesivir ?

Mr. Andandaiah practicing Ayurveda, from couple of years surrounding villagers consult him on their health issues , the same person started giving a herbal mix and eye drops for a treatment of corona , surprisingly its giving very good result. this news spread like a wildfire as Nellore Ayurveda medicine .

According to the inquiry report submitted by district officials, including DMHO( District Medical & Health Officer ) of Nellore to the collector, Mr. Anandaiah is distributing herbal mix from last month 14th onward, started with a small number of visitors.

Day by day increasing now it reached 7000 to 9000 crowed per day, under this curfew and covid protocols, Government officials stopped the distribution of his herbal mix.

local police and Government officials failed to control the crowed, local villagers are working like a volunteers ifor controlling the mass, and distributing this herbal medicine and herbal eye drops to the patients who are in very critical condition.

by the direction of Lokayouktha a team of district medical and revenue officials , as well as Ayurveda medicine practitioners, formed a committee by the District Collector to conduct an inquiry on Herbal mix distribution.

similarly a high level review meeting conducted by Chief Minister Y.S Jangan Mohan reddy the possibility of exercising herbal medicine.

vice-president M.Venkaiah naidu given a directions to ICMR director to conduct a study on this herbal medicine, and give a report as early as possible, from all the walk-of-life this herbal mix is a “ray of hope” and Andhra’s herbal-Remdesivir.

on the other side many covid patients, who dropped their oxygen levels below 80 waiting for the medicine in Que lay-down in the ambulance at their serious conditions, some are with oxygen support.

Local MLA K.Goverdhan reddy supporting Anandaiah’s treatment and said, I personally the eye witness.

patients are going happily with a smile after getting and using herbal mix, got a great relief.

Based on the directions of District Collector Anandaiah stoped distribution of Herbal mix for a period of two days, but the crowd is increasing rapidly and most of therm are in serious condition.

MLA distributed available limited herbal mix to the patients.

surprisingly there are number of evidences who came on structure walking away happily with smile.

All are awaiting for the positive results from the Laboratory,

  • there are many criticisms that medical mafia may not allow Mr. Anandaiah serving poormen.
  • rationalists saying that this medicine has no scientific evidence for public distribution
  • some Medical Doctors responding that this is untrailed & unproven drug may have long run side effects.

Public opinion.

  • Anandaiah ‘s herbal mix is a poormen’s Remdesivir.
  • no single negative report recorded.
  • total villageers are not using Mask or hand glows
  • government has to support Anandaiah’s herbal mix to distribute to the mass.

Ingredients & Herbs using in this mix

  • Nutmeg
  • Green camphor
  • Pepper
  • Honey
  • Black cumin
  • Cinnamon
  • leafs of some herbal plants

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