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From a car wash worker to a motivational speaker


Last month, Taney Jain was invited to speak to the students of Griffith High School to share his life story.

The 30-year-old Indian migrant recently won this year’s ‘Australasian salesperson of the year’ in the real estate industry.

He was nervous when received the invite to speak to young students as a motivational speaker.

“Though I have never felt the lack of English skills was an impediment, but being someone who isn’t a native English speaker, I was a bit nervous and hesitant at the idea of interacting with school students,” says Mr Jain.

He was in Griffith in June to speak to members of the real estate industry when the principal of the Griffith High School contacted him and asked him to speak to the students about his journey.

“I guess, it wasn’t because of the award but because of my circumstances and where I came from before I won the award that I was asked to speak to the students. And that meant a lot,” he says.

Mr Jain who worked at a carwash for $5 an hour in the beginning, then toiled in many other low-paid jobs and battled depression and a seemingly life-threatening illness says his message to the students was to have faith in their abilities and never give up.

“A lot of us have the fear of rejection… I have myself been rejected… not once, not twice… hundreds of times when I applied for jobs. I was even rejected for a door-to-door sales job. I was told I couldn’t sell internet and telephone connections… But I persisted and persevered and eventually learned it,” he says.

Mr Jain says faith has a very important role in his life.

“I was beginning to crumble in the face of once seemingly insurmountable challenges. I had no money to pay my rents, and I had no job. The new job I was to begin was totally alien to my skillset. I was going to quit and that would have been the end. But, my faith held me together and gave me the strength to stay put and face all those challenges,” he says.

Since winning the award in February this year for selling 95 properties in a year, Mr Jain is regularly invited to events to speak to representatives from the industry and other events. He says he feels a responsibility to share what he has learned.

“When I was surrounded by difficulties from all sides and was on the verge of bowing out, motivation by some individuals helped hand in and I was able to turn around my life. I feel privileged to be able to help others do the same,” he says.

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