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From Uber driver to Terrorist !


Sayfullo Saipov, a suspect who killed eight people in a truck in New York, arrived in Ohio just a few years ago. It was reported  that he migrated to the United States from the Tashkent in Uzbekistan in 2010. Then he did not know English.

He tried hard for the job in the early days. As a part of this, English has been improved. It is very late in the night. For some time he moved to Fortemiers. There he is with another migrant from Uzbekistan. Shortly after that he worked as a truck driver. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Pietersen in New Jersey. There he was working a driver in the Uber company.

Green card also ..

Enforcement officials said Sayfullo had also acquired Green Card. On the other hand, Uber officials responded to cyclone warlord. Uber had fully examined his background before entering the job. In addition, the FBI will provide full support to Enforcement Proceedings.

After the arrest of Sideso, his former colleague Twenty-two-year-old Bekhozod Abdusamatov expressed surprise. He said that he was with him in the start of America’s arrival. Behzold said Sayfullo felt lucky enough to be American and  he was fortunate to be here. He did not feel like a terrorist at that time.

Saipov has been rented a truck in New Jersey for the use of the attack in Lower Manhattan. With this truck, he indiscriminately moved over the crowds and created a blow. The eyewitnesses said that he had heard the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ from him during the attack. The suspect, who was injured in police firing, is currently recovering in hospital. The doctors made it clear that he did not need surgery. In recent times, terrorists have been accused of carrying out trucks as a weapon.

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