What is Yoga? …. The Balance of life and Mind


what is Yoga? The balance of life and mind , Yoga is a Life kit for the man as long as he is with mother earth, yoga is part of life routine unknowingly he got solutions for the life and around life there is no heart attacks , excess body or other physical problems to a mankind he getting solutions ready made form his imagination naturally without using google or Wikipedia .

Yoga Means the Union where the ancient meaning of Yoga says that you are aliening life with the universe to acquire energy form the universe , yoga is not a morning routine for physical fitness or to eliminate some ailments of the body, these days yoga is a tool for physical fitness……. surprisingly

Yoga mainly focus on breathing , pose and mobility and its combination … in deep human chakra’s ( Muladhara , Swadhistana, Manipuraka, Anahatha , Vishudhi , Ajna , Sahastrara ) its Knowledge passed by Guru Param-para means you must have a guru to practice deeper levels of yoga, classified as physical & mental which takes couple of years to get master in it. what is Yoga the Balance life and Mind ?..

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