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Hyderabad Engineer’s technology makes KTM Duke 200 get 58 Km/L


During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve met David Eshkol at a networking event and was introduced to his MileageBoost technology in 2016. Initially, I was very skeptical about his technology and his claims of improving mileage, because I didn’t want my bike to get any unwanted side-effects or warranty voids after the treatment.

But after knowing his credentials(Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University in 1992) and watching the huge collection of his customer testimonies and his technical knowledge on Internal Combustion(IC) Engines, I wanted to give it a shot. Because, frankly speaking, I wanted to save a few bucks by reducing my bike’s thirst for fuel, which sometimes in the city traffic was 28Km/Liter.

So, I asked, “What’s special about this so called MileageBoost technology that you’re talking about?”

And he replied,

“This technology offers up to 50% more mileage with a simultaneous 20% boost in acceleration laparoscopically, without the need to open the engine!”

Now, the last part is what really surprised me. I just couldn’t believe it. I bluntly said that it was impossible.

But he patiently explained how IC Engines are incompetent in turning fuel into distance traveled. More than 80% of the energy is lost due to friction, heat and other factors. I tried to test his technical knowledge, but he was thorough. I understood that he’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

However, It was only after more than 3 weeks that I’ve finally agreed to get my KTM Duke 200 Mileage Boosted. Before judging him, I wanted to give this guy a fair shot. We did a pre-test mileage before the MileageBoost and it gave an average of 35Kms per liter. The advantage with KTM’s Duke is its inbuilt, real-time mileage calculator.

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