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Nuclear Attack in North Korea


A huge tunnel in the nuclear area of ​​the Pungary area in northern Korea collapsed. 200 people were killed in the incident. Today the Japanese media is brought to light. Construction works at the Military Site on October 10 stated that the tunnel had collapsed.

In the first tunnels 100 people were trapped. The relief teams received the information and moved to the cellar and the other part collapsed on them. Another 100 people were killed. However, Korea has not yet responded. The area was completely damaged when Mo.Monmitha U.Corea recently tested the hydrogen bomb. The Japanese media revealed that this was a serious threat.

Experts warned that such hazards would be made if the molecules near the surface of the earth were made. Yet Kim did not count their words. In such experiments, the mountains at the Chinese border were collapsed and predicted that there was a risk of radiation rising.

Satellite photons have been shown to indicate that the landslides have been broken due to nuclear tests since 2006. The photos were posted on the North Korean website. An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude occurred in the surrounding areas when nuclear experimentation occurred. Then there were 4.1 intensity stirring.

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