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Pradyuman’s Murder Investigation Highlights Class and Caste


After the murder of the Class 2 student Pradyuman on the campus of Gurugram’s Ryan International School, a class XI student from the same school has been arrested. It’s a strange twist in the case. Hours after the second grader was found outside the school toilet, with his throat slit, crawling and bleeding profusely before he died, the Gurgaon Police arrested Ashok Kumar, a bus conductor. The Gurugram police also said that the suspect may have attempted to sexually assault the child.

Gurugram police had claimed that Kumar was waiting inside the toilet and as soon as Pradyuman entered, he tried to sodomise him. Police said Kumar slit the second grader’s throat and dumped him in one corner of the toilet. Pradyuman managed to reach the corridor and collapsed there while Kumar apparently washed his hands and the knife in the toilet. Not too many were convinced with the police’s story.
Saurabh Raghav, the driver of the same bus in which the accused was a conductor, had told TV channels that he was being forced by police officers and threatened by the school management to say that the knife used in the crime was part of the bus tool kit. Pradyuman’s father, Varun Thakur, continued to demand a thorough evidence-based probe.

There are new details emerging now.

The CBI has said the initial probe has revealed that a Class 11 student from the same school killed the second grader because he wanted the exams to be postponed. They have not found any role of the conductor. As per the analysis of CCTV footage, the boy was the prime suspect. The first question that comes to one’s mind is — was Gurugram police trying to divert the media attention by making it appear that the case was solved? Also, it highlights how easy it is for police to make culprit out of a poor man.

Is can’t be a coincidence that marginalized sections of the society are repeatedly blamed for horrific and complex crimes. In many cases they are put behind bars for years without any trial.

One of the biggest reasons why the poor, Dalits and minorities are discriminated against by our courts is their inability to find a competent lawyer to contest the charges. Struggling to make both ends meet, most cannot afford costly and lengthy legal battle. Oblivious of their legal rights, they become easy targets.

Many a times, they succumb to pressure from the higher ups because they are vulnerable. In the 2002 hit and run case, Salman Khan’s driver said that he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. He denied the prosecution’s suggestion that he was paid huge sum to own up the crime. However, several questions remained unanswered in the case.

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