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Special Status For J&K residents stay ? Supreme Court to decide today


A three-judge seat of the Supreme Court will on Monday hear for a cluster of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of Article 35A. The Article identifies with the special rights and privileges of Jammu and Kashmir.

It was added to the Constitution by a Presidential Order in 1954. It engages the state’s lawmaking body to outline laws without pulling in a test on grounds of abusing the Right to Equality of individuals from different states or some other directly under the Constitution.

The request of was recorded by a Delhi-based NGO, ”We the Citizens”, which needs the state-particular law canceled.

In the interim, the Kashmiri dissenter pioneers have cautioned of broad challenges if the Supreme Court decides in favour of petitioners. They say the move to tinker with Article 35(A) is a scheme against Jammu and Kashmir.

Four petitions have been documented in the Supreme Court testing different arrangements of Articles 35 (An) and 370 of the Constitution that give unique status to the province of Jammu and Kashmir. The petitioners are Labha Rama Gandhi for the benefit of West Pakistan Refugee Action Committee; Kali Dass, an evacuee; Charuwali Khanna and We the Citizens, a NGO.

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