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Aadhaar inquest a slap on the BJP’S Face

Congress president Rahul Gandhi thanked the Supreme Court for its finding of fact, speech Aadhaar was associate instrument of authorization for his party, however a ‘tool of oppression and surveillance’ for the Bharatiya Janata Party. ‘For Congress, Aadhaar was associate instrument of authorization. ‘For the BJP, Aadhaar could be a tool of oppression and police investigation. ‘Thank you Supreme Court …


Modi says congress is mudsling govt

The Congress is gratification in mud-slinging against the govt as a result of it finds it easier than debating on problems like development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi same on Tues, in a lucid relation to allegations on the Rafale fighter deal. Addressing a rally in Bhopal, he same the 125-year-old party had been reduced to such a condition that it …

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