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World’s first ‘smart train’


Train means that it has a special system. However, this train is not required those. Battery and small lines on the road is enough for this train. The world’s first ‘smart train’ will run on China roads soon. It was launched in June of this year and is currently experimenting in the city of Zhuzhoy, Hunan.

This type of railway system is called Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART). This train is equipped with three bogies, where 300 passengers can travel at one time. It travels at a maximum speed of 70 km. It runs up to 25 km with only ten minutes of charging. The train runs on the white stripes on the roads. Tracks are mandatory for urban train or trams but this train not required them. That is why the cost of the construction is also low.

At present, the train travels only 3.1 km by connecting four stations. If everything goes as planned, it will be running constantly from next year.

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